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    • jorie

      Love Me For What i am?

      By jorie
      hi im jorie, looking for true friends.. hope we can be? are you the one i've been waiting for a long time?... pls. add me at my yahoo messenger account I will waiting for you. 
      • perscella

        just a few thoughts

        By perscella
        It seems hopeless when your a transexual and trying to find a guy to be griends with.   I usually don't think that it's imppossible, but it's I'm starting to feel a cold front coming very fast in m love life.   Any girls feel this...
        • ash

          i love transgenders

          By ash
          i want to find a transgender man  i think they are super hott n sweet as honey more than anyother person  because they know they truly are inside  i have always wanted to be be with a transgenger man but they are too far away or...
          • Amber

            Coming out

            By Amber Comments (2)
            So yesterday I came out to a person I know at worksource, with a stranger in the room listening. I now have two more supporters of me being TG. :)  Oh, and I just came out on my old facebook, to all of my friends.  Here's to hoping it goes...
            • Amber


              By Amber Comments (5)
              So apparently, my case manager thinks my art is VERY good, and called me into her office.  We talked for a little while about, wonder of wonders, putting my art into art shows!  I hesitantly agree, and now i have until the third of...
              • Amber


                By Amber Comments (2)
                So I have been changing a great many things from my old facade to the real me.  I figured I might as well blog it somewhere.  So why not here.  So here goes. On March 1, I started wearing womens clothing almost exclusively, and...
                • Amber


                  By Amber Comments (1)
                  15 more minutes until the library opens.  It's so cold here...  I just realized my nail polish is chipping, so I'll have to redo it for the WGA (Washington Gender Alliance) meeting tomorrow.
                  • Divina

                    The Love I Seek

                    By Divina
                    The Love I Seek -   Why dost thou hide from my sight, oh love? Devotedly I seek thee, my thoughts so bright. But thou art not in the azure skies far above, Nor there, amidst the million stars of night! But I seek thee, and I am here...
                    • Divina

                      Where are you my love

                      By Divina
                      Do you reside within my mind's recess Or do you stand a hand's breadth away? Are you a figment of my imagination Or a promise held at bay? Did we know each other in a prior life Or will we find one another here? Will...
                      • ashley


                        By ashley
                         why must  the  transgenders, lesbians, bisexuals, gays, crossdressers be hated  so much by  everyone  , i dont understand we are not monsters  or freaks we are people who  want to to be who we  are...

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