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    • bernard stevens


      By bernard stevens
      understand that there Is everybody for somebody I have been on this site and befriended people and requested friendships.I have talked to some good people and some people that have me scratching my head.this site Is supposed to be a site where you...
      • maki

        languge exchange

        By maki
        I am a Japanese girl living near Tokyo. I am really like to have nice friends who can do languge exchange between Japanse and English. Both male and female are welcomed, but I hope you have some patience to talk with me in English. For me, Yokohama...
        • holly

          my sister jaimie: a poem

          By holly
          note: the following poem is about my best friend jaimie. although not my biological sister she means just as much to me. this took place during a hard time in her life. i wrote this poem for her and it finally made her snap back after reading it so...
          • holly

            my name is holly and i'm a survivor

            By holly
            so hey everyone. my name's holly. i just wanted to tell everyone that views my profile a little bit about me. and how i came to be. my childhood was extremely rough. my parents are of russian romanian decent. i'm first generation american. for the...
            • Akua

              This is important

              By Akua Comments (2)
              It's so important for us to get rid of the stigma attached to being transattracted. So many people, including transpeople, have no positive terms to identify our relationships both for love or of a strictly sexual nature. This is why I think this...
              • ashley


                By ashley
                i have always imagined what if would be like to be a guy ,deep inside me i truelly want to be a guy  but am too scared to have surgery  in amthinking if i did have  surgery that my family would hate me , but im  always ...
                • Keith

                  a study of discrimination on transgendered people

                  By Keith
                  As a visible vocal advocate for the transgender community in my area I was aware of and took part in this study as did the Madison and Milwaukee area trans groups so the figures didn’t astound me but they certainly did dismay me I was...
                  • All Gender Health

                    Come join our study!

                    We are looking for transwomen who have sex with non trans men.  Go to and be a part of it and earn money. Contact me with any questions-thanks!
                    • Gwendolyn


                      By Gwendolyn
                        Been away for a while. Things have been kind of hectic in my life. But who cares? I am alive and so are you (assuming no zombies read this rubbish). So I am about to go in for some surgery. Night before, is it scary? Not really. I think the...

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