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    • Gail

      Why is it so difficult?

      By Gail Comments (1)
      I guess it was naive of me to expect it to be easy but Jeez...does it have to be quite so hard? I'm talking about relationships of course. I thought going through transition was the toughest time of my life - the loss of friends and family members...
      • Gwendolyn


        By Gwendolyn
          I am off to get consultations for surgery and I am left to ask myself what does a consultation mean to me? I know what the world, well the usa and Canada at least, think of a consultation in this light- a meeting to discuss and facilitate...
        • Gwendolyn


          By Gwendolyn
          So I finally got around to submitting again. Now I am sure you were all hoping for some bondage talk but I am talking novels for publication. In its own way it is a power game. I do not have the money or resources to publish and market my books and...
          • Gwendolyn

            Being Horny

            By Gwendolyn
              Once again I find myself depressed and alone and I have to ask, am I the only one who gets horny when I am miserable? Everyone else I seem to know wants to be alone or isolated when they get depressed. It is an interesting phenomenon to me...
            • Gwendolyn


              By Gwendolyn
              I had some strange thoughts the other night when contemplating past experiences and my interpretations of them.... What does it mean to be rejected? Is it when a stranger sneers at you for what you look like? Or is it when a friend brushes you off?...
              • Gwendolyn


                By Gwendolyn
                I have to admit when I found an article about how Nepal is allowing a third gender onto their census and personal identification I had mixed feelings. Would I want to be considered a third gender? Am I as trapped as everyone else in the gender...
                • Grace

                  Bewear of LA, CA Thearphy Group

                  By Grace
                     I  final decide to get thearphy for my Gender thing. LoS AngelesThearphy Group was highly recommend .  So, I made an appointment late Nov. of laster year.  There was 3 thearphist in the first meeting.  I told...
                  • asia.apples


                    By asia.apples
                    I just recently join in today, Hoping to find one man that i can fall in love... Happy searching every one..
                    • Heather

                      Part one

                      By Heather
                      Well this is my first time on this new version of the site. Previously I had searched for possible dates.. not knowing what I was really looking for ... Do I know now? ...well not really really, but I have a better Idea...Firstly someone in the UK...
                      • Robert

                        What I am looking for in a girl

                        By Robert
                        I am here to find a soulmate, that person that I can spend the rest of my life with.

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