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    • Gwendolyn

      Being Horny

      By Gwendolyn
        Once again I find myself depressed and alone and I have to ask, am I the only one who gets horny when I am miserable? Everyone else I seem to know wants to be alone or isolated when they get depressed. It is an interesting phenomenon to me...
      • Gwendolyn


        By Gwendolyn
        I had some strange thoughts the other night when contemplating past experiences and my interpretations of them.... What does it mean to be rejected? Is it when a stranger sneers at you for what you look like? Or is it when a friend brushes you off?...
        • Gwendolyn


          By Gwendolyn
          I have to admit when I found an article about how Nepal is allowing a third gender onto their census and personal identification I had mixed feelings. Would I want to be considered a third gender? Am I as trapped as everyone else in the gender...
          • Grace

            Bewear of LA, CA Thearphy Group

            By Grace
               I  final decide to get thearphy for my Gender thing. LoS AngelesThearphy Group was highly recommend .  So, I made an appointment late Nov. of laster year.  There was 3 thearphist in the first meeting.  I told...
            • asia.apples


              By asia.apples
              I just recently join in today, Hoping to find one man that i can fall in love... Happy searching every one..
              • Heather

                Part one

                By Heather
                Well this is my first time on this new version of the site. Previously I had searched for possible dates.. not knowing what I was really looking for ... Do I know now? ...well not really really, but I have a better Idea...Firstly someone in the UK...
                • Robert

                  What I am looking for in a girl

                  By Robert
                  I am here to find a soulmate, that person that I can spend the rest of my life with.
                  • Johnny

                    Chapter 3: All Alone

                    By Johnny
                    I'm feeling it again this year..Lonliness. And I know that I'm not the only man that feels it, right? Or am I just the only one who is willing to sit here and admit it? ~shrugs~ Well, let me tell you something. Dating use to be one of the best...
                    • Johnny

                      Chapter 2:Making it without the degree

                      By Johnny
                       I have been in college for a good while now, I'm 24 years old and I understand the importance of having a good education. At the same time, I'm not someone that believes that a person needs a college degree in order to be intelligent, to prove...
                      • Johnny

                        Chapter 1:Tell it like it is.

                        By Johnny
                        What am I here for? I guess you could say that I'm here for something that isn't easy come or easy go. I've been single for quite the time, and realized that life is too short to live it alone. But what does that make me? I'm patient, what can I...

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