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    • Johnny

      Chapter 1:Tell it like it is.

      By Johnny
      What am I here for? I guess you could say that I'm here for something that isn't easy come or easy go. I've been single for quite the time, and realized that life is too short to live it alone. But what does that make me? I'm patient, what can I...
      • Susan

        Should I get back with my ex or What?

        By Susan
        I met Joseph last year while I was busy working as a waiter at my sister's restaurant. He was charming and all that that's why he caught my attention. Above all, he is a God-fearing and family-oriented person making me fall in love with him more. At...
        • Eve  Kard

          Some insight into being a transexual and some advice for those who want to change over as well

          By Eve Kard
          I find myself in a situation over and over where a transgender person will seek encouragement and advice from me. I love to help people when I can but this is a time when I'm very torn. I want to give hope and encouragement to the person at the...
          • Eve  Kard

            The Long Journey Home to Me

            By Eve Kard
            The Long Journey Home to Me By Lisa Eve Being yourself is not always easy, and being someone no one wants you to be is that much harder. My journey to becoming myself was fought on many fronts but the greatest battles I faced were with myself. I...
            • Eve  Kard

              PC with a TS ~ How to communicate with a Transexual politely.

              By Eve Kard Comments (2)
              PC with a TS ~ How to communicate with a Transexual politely.     First off, when talking or chatting with a male to female TS (transexual), its very important to know (SHE) listens very carefully to the terms and words you use. Even...
              • Taiga

                When Will He Become You?

                By Taiga
                I could run around this forest all yearlaugh through each new seasonlike a smile back on your faceafter fears so grayThis time, youhave all my heart to travelNo windchime left untouchedno blockade left unraveledI've gone deep insideto let this...

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