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      New gender options

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      Regular users of the site might have noticed we have modernized our gender categories to use Trans Woman and Trans Man instead of MTF or FTM and also added Non Binary.  There may be some confusion at first with the new categories but all users...
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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is cis?  Cis is a common abbreviation for cisgender which describes a person whose gender identity corresponds with their biological sex assigned at birth. What is trans?  Trans is a common abbreviation for transgender which...
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          Romance Scams

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          Unfortunately like any free dating site we have a number of romance scam artists who use our site to send users messages.  These con artists seem to be mostly based in West Africa and you can read more about them on, however...

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            MrfatBat on Romance Scams (): Lots of good points, but these con women, scammers, and shills, are tricky, if...