When Will He Become You?


    I could run 
    around this forest all year
    laugh through each new season
    like a smile back on your face
    after fears so gray

    This time, you
    have all my heart to travel
    No windchime left untouched
    no blockade left unraveled

    I've gone deep inside
    to let this toxin out
    and as I excavate
    beyond the quarantine
    I've learned that sickness
    was a daydream
    I can no longer remember

    Now that I
    wake up every morning
    with a smile, even though
    I don't see your expression change,
    I know that someone stands alone
    across the silent distance
    eager for his potential
    to seize me with arms
    of salvation - to watch me
    recover in his aura's blood.

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