Chapter 1:Tell it like it is.

    By Johnny

    What am I here for? I guess you could say that I'm here for something that isn't easy come or easy go. I've been single for quite the time, and realized that life is too short to live it alone. But what does that make me? I'm patient, what can I say? I've been a member of dating personals for as long as I could remember. Have they worked? No, not really. You can say that I've been spending a lot of time on other websites in search of love. But my main issue with these websites has to do with the lack of people in my local area..Not to mention, there aren't a whole lot of women who seem open minded these days..I'm telling you, there a lot of people who are spending all their time looking for shit that don't exist. Take the majority of people who care too much about looks, status, and money...These are the idiots I try to stay away from when I'm looking for my potential match. Plus race often plays a role in it too for some people. If some women aren't looking around for a guy that they think is perfect, their avoiding certain racial groups while their at it.

    I've always had interest in Oriental women but felt like the masses of them were hell bent on finding White partners or other Asians. People say it has a lot to do with preferences..To me I say "Bull fucking shit!" Not every Asian woman who prefers a white or asian partner can sit there and claim "its preference". So many of these people were raised up by moronic parents in poor parts of the world to believe that whites are superior in terms of being financially secure and all that stereotypical crap that clog up the minds of the unintelligent that hasn't a clue what others are like because they refuse to give them a chance due to their skin color or some media gossip about that particular group being "inferior". Believe me, I am black and trust me when I say it I love my skin color. I am light skinned because I'm Native American too, but I don't look down on my skin as a curse or a bad thing. I don't want to be white, and I don't want to be asian either. I wouldn't go around bleaching my skin to be accepted, anyone that does is weak. Anyone that neglects another person over how they look because of how they were born is either stupid or unintelligent. They can be pretty or handsome but to lack the brains? Means you need to check yourself. So I guess, being told by so many different people that believe in the stereotype that "Asian women don't like black men". Made me feel the urge to challenge that, I know there are some out there that would love to be with a man like me..I just haven't found her yet. Weeding out all the ones who are desperate for a white partner to come rescue them isn't easy.

    Then again I really don't have a preference, I give all races a chance. Why? Because unlike the blind sighted people that look at what they see in movies or on TV. Nobody is perfect, and all races have good and ugly within their hearts. If money and status is all you care about, I feel sorry for the person who gives you a chance, but don't feel bad if they slap you around, perhaps these type of people deserve it for refusing to grow up. People that use other people sicken me.