Chapter 2:Making it without the degree

 I have been in college for a good while now, I'm 24 years old and I understand the importance of having a good education. At the same time, I'm not someone that believes that a person needs a college degree in order to be intelligent, to prove their abilities, or show that they are highly experienced to impress the bosses in suits. Think about it, every year students rack up thousands of dollers in debt trying to get a good education. Sometimes students are unsure but they find themselves lured in with promises of getting a job or career that will help them pay off the loans once they are through with college. The thing is, it WORKS when someone entices you into something by making things seem too good to be true. Believe me, I was having problems finding out what I wanted to do after I had finished High School in 2005. However, I took off 2 years and when I had finally figured out what I wanted, I chose several different colleges to go to and ended up attending a community school here in Sacramento California called American River College. At that time, I was still not so sure what field I wanted to work in, so I chose Theater art. Once I came to realize that theater art required a lot of sacrifice and extreme time demands I knew that it wasn't right for me. I needed something I could balance, plus I was afraid of heights and hated being on the catwalk to hang lights for performances.

When I dropped out of theater, I stayed in college for a good while taking random courses in all kinds of fields just for the experience gain. Then I was expelled for poor academics because lectures would bore me, and I wasn't very good at taking test either. I took 1 more year off before I had decided I was going to try something different, and thus I spent a couple of months writing short stories. That's when I finally figured out what I truly wanted to do in terms of going to college. I took Animation at Westwood Online where I am currently attending. As of now I am still struggling in classes especially the classes I hate like math, American government, etc. I do well in courses I enjoy such as writing, critical thinking, communication, and other related topics.

After being a student in two different colleges, I came to an understanding thanks to an article I read about college being a waste of money. The author spoke about many different things a person can do that will give them experience besides relying on a system that so many people have been relying on for years..And that system is investing money into college when colleges are all guaranteeing the same thing just to seduce you into paying the expensive fees you will be most likely trapped repaying back later on in your life rather than you enjoying that career that you were promised.  You're stuck at a dead end job that pays $7.00 or $9.00 an hour while your degree reminds you of how expensive it was to get it.

People don't need college to show that their educated, and its beyond me to why anyone feel that they do need one in order to feel secure that they accomplished something, only to end up in line with the rest of us who have to pay that money back. Banks could care less about your struggles, or personal problems, when they want their money they will get it eventually even if they have to threaten you, one way or another they will get it or you'll never be able to get out of bad credit, debt, etc. Its even worst if you have a trusted cosigner who has to suffer because of you being unable to find something to help support yourself. Its been this way for a lot of people, and some are so imbarressed about it that they will just try and pretend that they have a successful life when in reality. Their just as broke as I am.

When asked with the question "how do you feel about college?" Its not hard to answer. College is ruining the lives of individuals who just want to prove to these pain in the ass companies they have the experience and skills to show that they can get the job done. In the field of animation, your not even required to have a degree, just the experience. To some people, those who have degrees rely on it yet you can find a thousand different people who either left college, or never even went who have ten times more experience than people who invest their money (which they borrowed), and time into getting a degree. There are a lot of people who do have B.A. and Master degrees but no job. Yet they like to think their superior than those who never went to school.

I don't encourage people to put aside college, I believe college can work for people if they know what fields are useful and  which ones are useless. Not every thing you learn in college will be of some good use in the near future. Take math for instance, what good is math going to do me if my career of choice is character development? Or Writing screenplays or scripts for production purposes? NOTHING! Its just a pointless course they force everyone to take, no matter what your study of choice is, even if your preparing to become a history teacher or makeup artist they will make you take classes that are a waste of your time. Math is only useful if you're career of choice will have you doing work that will involve some mathematics.

I have learned more outside of school than I have by being in school. School doesn't teach you a whole lot about cultural acceptance or cultural ethics other than a few things if you were to take something like African American Studies, Women studies, Native American studies, etc. But I've learned a lot more about culture just by watching National Geographic, History Channel, Discovery, Science, and reading plenty of books on topics I am very familiar with like gang violence, evolution, futurism, extremist, war, taboo lifestyles, relationships, etc.


I've learned all of this on my own. So I can simply say that people with degrees aren't smarter than me just because they worked hard to get their degree. Anyone who feels or even believes a college degree makes you smarter than people without one are automatically the dumbest mutherfuckers on the face of this earth.

A degree is nothing more than a piece of goddamn paper people like you and the rest of us spent thousands of dollers just to obtain. If anything it means you're an idiot for paying in the first place rather than taking the time to learn about other alternatives besides college to earn experience for the career choice you would like to study for. Some of the worlds most intelligent people didn't even go to school, and some of the greatest artists, painters, and muscians like Beethoven, Leonardo Da Vinci, Eugene Delicriox, and many others didn't have a college degree either and they were some of the most prominant men this world has ever seen. That's mostly because there weren't any colleges during those time periods BUT it just proves even more that these great men did not need a piece of paper to prove their intelligence or creativity like the egotistical people are today who feel that they have to make life hard on people to prove something. These people aren't talented or educated themselves, their just in it for the money so they will pressure young people until they break and give in.

It takes ambition, a sense of attitude, thought, constructive thinking, and more than enough confidence to get ahead in life. To rely on a degree for this is just insane, it does us no good to invest in anything that does us no good later on in our lives. We can be just as capable as anyone who has the money to spend and the money to pay it all back once they are finished. There are all kinds of ways a person can gain experience besides school. Knowledge is power just like they say, but that knowledge shouldn't be restricted to insitutions that will cost you a lot in the long run. I personally believe that a price shouldn't be placed on knowledge the same way I feel about love, why should a person have money to find love? Money can't buy you real knowledge or real love.

You have to decide for yourself what you want to do with your life, if you want to make something realistic and honest out of it. Do you want to go to college and if so why? Do you feel that its the only way to gain experience? Do you feel that more people will respect you if you have a degree? Will it make you feel smarter than people who don't have one? Or do you just like the power to brag about earning it even though you're not aware it makes you come off as a mindless jackass that could of found a more easier way to show potential employers, your colleagues, and others that you have what it takes to beat the odds in a top ranked company?

 I could teach kids from a third world country how to be top notch speakers in just 4 weeks training, no cost or anything. By the time I'm done with them, they would be better public speakers than a college student who probably had an intern with the President of the United States of America to give a speech in front of a large audience. Why? Because I spend my own time giving speeches for a living, How? Its not difficult to study topics I want to explain or share with people.

You can make it anywhere so long as you're dedicated, determined, work beyond your limits, your willing, and your not afraid to take a chance or risk you're not use to taking to get to where you want to be. Not everyone can start their own business, it cost money to do that. Not everyone can travel around the world to learn experience either. But there are still many other options and alternatives to choose from besides school, give it thought and do the research. You will learn that not every person in the world who has money, good looks, an education, or live expensive lifestyles get where they are because someone lied to them. They did it all by their own rules, standards, and ideas. But that's not to say that they didn't spend a single dime. It cost money to do anything in this lifetime. Only time will tell when the day comes for someone to take over the world and demand that everyone pay air breathing fees or else find themselves deported from the Planet Earth onto another planet where the air is either unclean or there is no air at all, and as far as I know. Earth is the only planet with air we can actually breath even if it half of it is toxic already. Still that's not something I learned in school, that's something I learned myself.