Chapter 3: All Alone

I'm feeling it again this year..Lonliness. And I know that I'm not the only man that feels it, right? Or am I just the only one who is willing to sit here and admit it? ~shrugs~ Well, let me tell you something. Dating use to be one of the best things in my life when I was a teenager. Then I grew up, got a little older and the rules changed..Women stopped looking at me because their minds fried. Then women from countries far away took noticed, and I found myself irritated by it and I'm constantly telling them "listen sweetheart, we can't be together when your living all the way over there in this or that country, I thought I made it clear I was interested in locals only?" 

Oh sure dating is not really that important, except I feel like I've come to the point in my life where I want to settle down now, I'm tired of feeling like I should rely on a website to help me out with my situation. I mean shit, I know I'm not an awful person, there isn't anything wrong with me at all. If anything I'm a lot better than the majority of men who only have someone because obviously the girl is after something in the first place..Shes not a true lover, she doesn't even care about him.

Let me just be frank about it okay? I've been single for awhile, and I figured that I would take the time to find someone serious, someone that isn't afraid to take a chance for once. Because you know we're living in a new year and yet so many people are STILL extremely old fashioned. Women who believe the man has to chase them, pay the bill when you go out, or feel that men should have short cut hair...Yeah..Lame and borish aren't they? Indeed they are. You have the dare devils who are more laid back, they love to get dirty and won't bat an eyelid if they walked in dog shit and ruffling through a man's long hair has been their life long dream except very few men with long hair exist! Their all catering to the old fashion rules. Why? Because their getting too old, or they want to impress someone. You know its easy to be fake than to be yourself these days. So many people want to be accepted and yes! People lower their standards for it out of desperation or fear of being alone without love or so called friends. Personally I can do without, I want to be liked for being me not someone else.

I work hard, and yet I'm jobless. I look good and communicate on a daily basis and yet I'm still waiting for her to come around. I'm not insecure about what I want, nor am I afraid to go after what I seek either. So I just hope I don't have to deal with year 2011 being the same as the last two recent years that failed me. I have come to realize how quickly life moves and how short it truly is. There is no point in wasting it away in misery.