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    We have seen a large increase in user signups since Craigslist shut down their personals section so I want to ask all users to please report any profiles that suggest or imply any exchanges of sex for money.  If we see too many of these user profiles and can not keep it under control we might need to shut down our site, too.

    Obviously we don't want to close, and will make a best effort to block and ban all such ads.  However if the problem becomes too great and we can not do an adequate job moderating the site, we will have to close. 

    This is due to the FOSTA/SESTA bill that recently passed in Congress assigning criminal liability for ads that offer sexual acts in exchange for money to the owner of a site.  We have to block any such ads or shut down.

      • Greeneyes

        This is why I came here, because craigslist shut down.

        • David

          I'm here to because Craigslist shut down.

          • AmericanRenegade

            well, i know for a fact that i and several others tried many times over the past few years to warn the owners of craigslist that there were women using their site to prostitute themselves and after being ignored we decided to start posting alerts of every woman we found doing so.

            in the end we were flagged and even had some of our accounts canceled simply because we tried to do what the owners of the site refused to do as best as we could with our limited ability.

            needless to say i am not in any way, shape, form or fashion surprised at the shutting down of craigslsts personal section. they were warned and they had ample opportunity to correct the problem and they chose instead to ignore what was going on and allow the flagging and even canceling of accounts.

            serves them right.

            it's all good though, after 5 years and never meeting one person it is no great loss to me.

            now i am here so lets see what happens.

            • Humoresque

              Yes, I came here searching for other passionate sensual lovers as CL was no longer an option for me...I hope this site works as well....

              • Carlos Valdivia
                Carlos Valdivia

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                • Mrhsppy69

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                  • Mrhsppy69

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