In Depth As An Erotic Daddy Dom

    By MnMPG

    The DD (Daddy Dom) & LG
    (Little Girl) Stems from the
    Dom/sub relationship...
    But the DD/LG relationship came about, for people wanting more of an intimate relationship, and less of the BDSM..... The DD is the LG "Protector", she looks up to him for guidance, and knows nothing will harm her when she is in his arms.
    The LG, is DD inspiration, she gives him strength just knowing she looks up to him.... It grows to be a very strong emotional connection, that normally can't be found in typical relationships.... This is the driving inspiration for the Daddy Dom and Little Girl relationship!!

    Yes, it is still a very sexual relationship typically... As I said it stems from the Dom/sub relationship.... When the clothes come off, he is still a Dom, and she is his sub... Again, without the amount of BDSM involvement, normally... But if that is something your curious about, we definately can talk more about it...

    Now, what I just explained to you is a general idea of the DD/LG relationship.... The great thing is, there no set rules of how it must be done... each couple does things in their own way, best suited for their own tastes, wants and desires...

    With all that said.... I have taken this general idea, and I have added in being an Erotic Dom for 12 years.
    Hence, I am an Erotic Daddy Dom.

    As an Erotic Daddy Dom, which is different and unlike typical Doms....
    I do a lot of the same things they do,
    but without all the mindless duties and useless orders.

    I focus much more on the pleasures that 2 people can give to each other....... So I focus on...
    - Bringing you to higher orgasmic levels, With my special talents, toys, Light bondage, and rather big thick large cock!!!
    - Fulfilling your desires of being Dominated
    - Teach you to listen to your own body, and how to make your orgasms more intense!!!
    - And we will explore your boundaries, take you just outside your comfort zone, and Give you new experiences you are Craving for!!!!!

    I DO NOT do extreme hardcore, and I WILL NEVER inflict harmful pain!!
    If these are things that turn you on, I am more than willing to talk with you about it in length to understand as to exactly what you are wanting, and I will be willing to fulfill these type of desires for you.

    I am VERY patient, and understanding with my Little Girl. I am not in this to handout punishments.... But when I do give a punishment, it is more of an evil pleasure....example:
    I will bring you to the edge of orgasm,
    I will keep you there for a period of time, but not allow you to orgasm.
    (evil pleasure....LOL)

    I do take things slow, but with positive encouragement to explore your boundaries... My job as an Erotic Daddy Dom, among other things, is to bring you out of your comfort zone just a bit. To have you experience things you typically wouldn't do normally in your life.

    The MOST IMPORTANT thing between a DD and his LG, is building a TRUST!!!
    I will take it as slow as you need...
    I will not push you to do ANYTHING your not ready for..... But the more eagerness and willingness you express, the more you will get to experience.

    I want you to know and understand,
    This is not just "sex" for me...
    I don't do this just to get my rocks off..
    I do this for several reasons.
    One of those reasons is because I enjoy light bondage (bounding wrists/ankles), and I also enjoy being sexually Dominant. So I combined the two, plus I add in sensual & passionate desires; and I have come up with being an
    Erotic Daddy Dom.

    Now, understand this....Thru the several years of being an Erotic Dom, there are things that I have learned and I will show you, that i know how to bring you to higher orgasmic levels.... higher orgasmic levels, you never thought were even possible!!!!.... I have spent several years and i have done extensive amount of time, studying and researching the pleasures of higher orgasmic levels..... I have been fortunate enough to have learned talents and capabilities to make you feel things you have never felt before in your life!!!!!!

    I take my role as a Daddy Dom seriously, for
    I know I am dealing with a person that has feelings and emotions; and I have to keep that in priority!!!
    It is more important for me to ensure you have a positive experience coming into this lifestyle.
    It is important to me, that you feel safe and comfortable, to be able to express yourself and your desires, with out being judged nor criticized.... And I hope I can fulfil those desires, for you!!!

    Please let me know your thoughts about what you just read, and what you think about it all.....

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