Romance Scams

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    Unfortunately like any free dating site we have a number of romance scam artists who use our site to send users messages.  These con artists seem to be mostly based in West Africa and you can read more about them on, however here are some tips which can help you from falling victim to a scam.  In most cases they message male users from female profiles and do not know what transgender means despite being here on TG Personals.

    If you receive a generic message that does not mention your name or any details about you, from someone who does not live close to your geographic area, and they want you to contact them directly, by phone or text or email instead of using the site for some reason, in their very first email, it is most likely a con artist.  Some users who are just looking for or selling web cam chat sessions use the same approach.  In addition, if the user has a strange name or multiple names, poor grammar, and strange punctuation, but they claim to live in an English speaking country and yet somehow have a connection to West Africa, the reality is they are most likely just trying to scam you.

    Assuming you follow the rules above but still end up talking with a romance scammer, you should be aware of how their scam works.  First they declare their love very quickly possibly even proposing marriage.  They might say they want to travel to meet you, but in reality they are not even the same person in the photo and have no plans to go anywhere but the bank.  Once they gain your trust a crisis occurs.  Maybe they are held hostage with an unpaid hotel bill, or urgent medical expenses.  Maybe the police have arrested them on trumped up charges, or the customs office will not let them visit you unless they pay some fees.  Maybe there was a family crisis but whatever the reason they need money sent by Western Union or Moneygram. 

    They might even want to send you a check, or package, or deposit first, but all three are illegal and you can go to jail.  When somebody you have never met asks you for money, it is always a scam.  Don't be fooled!

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        Lots of good points, but these con women, scammers, and shills, are tricky, if you are not on your 'A' game,they will get you because some will play the long game. If they think you are a big fish, they will string the ruse out for weeks if not months. In addition to not wanting to use the site, they want you to go to a 3rd party site, supposedly to get their private information. To entice they will send you skin pics of who is allegedly them. Usually three at a time. Even if you say you are not interested, they come with a new 3rd party Website. They have more tricks than Carter had liver pills. It is a shame because they make all the girls on the site look bad. 

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