Frequently Asked Questions

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    Why did my messages disappear? - Spammers sometimes target this site and if we find a spam account, we delete messages they sent. It is possible you will see messages from spammers disappear as a result.

    I live outside the US, why is my zip code not working? - The search function only accepts US zip codes so all other users should just leave the zip code field blank.

    How do I send messages? - First, you must be logged in with a username and password, then you can click Send Message on anyone's profile, under their profile picture, to send them a private message.

    How do I reply to messages? - Login to the site then click on the envelope icon in the top menu bar to reply to messages. You can not respond to messages by just replying to our notification emails.

    How do I upload more photos? - Click the Create new album link in your profile or click on the Photos menu in the top menu bar, then click the Create new album link there.  Once your album is created you can upload photos and select one as an album cover, too.

    Why do I have to validate my email address by clicking a link?  To stop spam and misdirected emails.

    How do I delete my account? - After you login click on Account then Settings and next Delete my account.

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