So I have been changing a great many things from my old facade to the real me.  I figured I might as well blog it somewhere.  So why not here.  So here goes.

On March 1, I started wearing womens clothing almost exclusively, and practicing a more feminine voice.  It is difficult to continue talking that way constantly, because I have been, obviously, talking like a male for so long.  I also started using various make up products.  I also noted that I am getting better at painting my nails, but im quite a ways from perfect.

On March 17, I got a new email.  I also made a new facebook to better be me on.  This is also a very important day for me, because it is the day I picked my name, Amber Malachi Ashcrofte.  It was a very happy day for me.  I also changed my twitter account, and my account to better show the real me.

On March 18, I changed my account and my myyearbook account to better show the real me.


A few days ago, I died my hair.  it used to be brown, but now it is black with a red stripe in it.

If you wish to contact me, ask for one of and you may recieve

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