Gitarman Rocks in Oakhurst, California! Post #1: "Baby, The Rain Must Fall". by rockman582014, Nov/10/2020

November 10, 2020 061 am-

Hi out there in Lonely Land! I call it that because this is a personals website, so one must assume that you are all lonely, alone and looking for someone... or something. My name is Wayne, but everyone calls me "Gitarman". That name sprang from the fact that about 40 years ago, everywhere I went I had my guitar with me. During one of my earliest solo gigs, a dude in the audience called out,

"Hey Gitarzan, play "Stairway"!" Man, if I had a dollar for every time I heard that... but I actually miss hearing it now, most people have never heard "Stairway To Heaven". ---

"Led WHO?" ---

"Gitarzan is from a Ray Stevens song. Ray was the Weird Al Yankovic of his time. Ray wrote "The Streak" and many other odd little songs. Well, after that gig, people started calling me "Guitar Man", so in homage to Ray Stevens I started spelling it "Gitarman". "Gitarman and his San Francisco Band. They're the worst in the land, so give 'em a hand... Gitarman!" ---

Up here on the mountain, the weather has been stormy. Rain and little buckshot-sized hail. I hope the rain will end the rest of the fires and scrub the air clean. Since I moved up here in August, the air quality has been awful! The Creek Fire really made life up here crappy, to say the least. I've suffered from chronic Asthma since I was a kid, smoke is one of the triggers that sets the Asthma off. Man, it's hard to sing when you cannot breathe! Can you dig it? Hence the Glenn Yarbrough song reference. Being a musician, I tend
to formulate my thoughts around song titles and lyrics. ---

"Baby, The Rain Must Fall" is a song written by Ernie Sheldon, with music composed by famed film composer Elmer Bernstein. The song was written in 1965 for the film of the same title and Glenn was chosen to sing the song. Glenn released the single that year and also released an album using the song title. The film starred Steve McQueen as the young Rockabilly singer just released from prison. Factoid #1: This was Glen Campbell's film acting debut. ---

"Some men climb a mountain. Some men swim the sea
Some men fly above the sky. They are what they must be. ---

But, baby the rain must fall. Baby, the wind must blow.
Wherever my heart leads me, baby, I must go... baby, I must go." ---

So my moving from Stockton to Oakhurst has that "Some men climb a mountain" feel to it. Me, I'm just here
"Searching for a heart. Searching every one. They say love conquers all, you can't start it like a car, you can't stop it with a gun". ---

My friend Warren Zevon wrote "Searching For A Heart" in 1991. My friend passed away long before his time was due. I miss him. I miss all of my dead friends... but I am still here and still singing their songs. It's what I do! ---

Rock on, People! ---