Part one

    By Heather

    Well this is my first time on this new version of the site. Previously I had searched for possible dates.. not knowing what I was really looking for ...

    Do I know now?

    ...well not really really, but I have a better Idea...Firstly someone in the UK someone I can get to know and more importantly someone that I 'click' with.

      In fact someone like any one of my male Friends/Mates that I get on with really well. These friends are either married or....well just friends :) 

    I see myself as fairly ordinary but of course I am not.

    Like the person I am looking for ( he needs to have lived a little), I have acheived a fair amount but always look to the future positively and hope to achieve more. I do not measure achievement in material gains.

     As I get older (50) it is more important to ignore trivial things and concentrate on the things that matter. That's not to say small things don't matter as they can be important.... small things such as enjoying the spring  sunshine from the top of an English hill and watching the buzzards and peregrine falcons overhead riding the thermals.

    that's enough for now more to follow soon :)


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