• seducemywife

      let us have friendship along with my wife.

      I am bold and liberal mature married male from India. i have cuckold tendensy. I am willing to have friendship with you along with my wife. 


      • Jasmine Marie Blanks

        Where are all the Men

        Where are the MEN?!? Aren't there any men left in the world who just want a simple and loving relationship with a TG who is willing to go the extra mile for her man! Where are the REAL MEN who know how to treat a woman as a woman? This TG has lived...


        • Sara

          Lots of bites but no catch?!

          OK. I get a lot of interst but no one ever follows though.. and if they do they dont have a car or they flake out or something that puts all the work on me.. wtf... I'm about ready to call it a day. Why is it so hard to find quality people these...


          • vivian




            • Divina

              Where are you my love

              Do you reside within my mind's recess Or do you stand a hand's breadth away? Are you a figment of my imagination Or a promise held at bay? Did we know each other in a prior life Or will we find one another here? Will...


              • Johnny

                Chapter 3: All Alone

                I'm feeling it again this year..Lonliness. And I know that I'm not the only man that feels it, right? Or am I just the only one who is willing to sit here and admit it? ~shrugs~ Well, let me tell you something. Dating use to be one of the best...


                • Danie

                  my country home / farm 6 acres in central Pa

                  These are the pictures of my restored home i have been working on as my place of retirement. I am open to sharing it with another. Is that you? Do you like the country? Are you into rural living or are you a high maintence person / city slicker?


                  • Taiga

                    When Will He Become You?

                    I could run around this forest all yearlaugh through each new seasonlike a smile back on your faceafter fears so grayThis time, youhave all my heart to travelNo windchime left untouchedno blockade left unraveledI've gone deep insideto let this...


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